Thursday, October 13, 2016

Curse of the Yellow Track Suit Continues

The yellow tracksuit has been handed down for many years mainly just to see if it still holds the curse. What curse? Well, you may remember what happened when Boston wore it. You can read about its explosive history in that link but basically, anytime a baby wears it, there's trouble... tummy trouble. Trouble that usually involves a change of clothes for not only the child wearing the track suit. 

Well, it happened again. I tested it a couple weeks ago and I thought the curse must be wearing off! Logan only leaked a little out of the outfit. Today, I asked Wendy to grab him some clothes and she ran back into my room, tossing this track suit to me. I was a little nervous, knowing what kind of mess can be involved when this outfit is worn but I thought, "Well, if it happens at least it'll be because this track suit still holds its power."

10 minutes folks. 10 minutes is all he was able to wear it for. Within 5 minutes I knew we were in trouble but hoped upon hope that all that rumbling would be contained. I soon realized it wasn't going to be and took him upstairs for a change only to find it had shot down his entire leg and out onto his sock. True to the track suit curse, my jeans were also victim. A chaotic bath and new clothes for everyone later, I don't think I'll be testing that curse again since it's obviously strong as ever.

And, naturally Boston needed his picture taken too. I'm glad the track suit doesn't come in his size :)

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