Monday, October 10, 2016

Logan Fox: 4 Months

Logan! You're 4 months old and we are totally in love! You've found your laugh and it just makes my day. You're very ticklish and if I accidently tickle you when I'm getting you changed and you laugh, it makes me laugh too. You're a drool fest and you have perfect baby chub. Your cheeks are THE BEST. Your new nickname is Chubby Cheekers. You definitely have blonde hair but you just have a teeny bit. I like your bald little head.

You're taking three naps now and are starting to turn in your bed. You're still swaddled, double swaddled actually, because you break out of it too easily if we single swaddle you. I think we'll drop it in the next month or so but for now you sleep really well swaddled. You love sucking on your hands but haven't quite found your thumb. I'm sure that's coming soon, too.

Your smile just lights up our family. We will do just about anything to get you to smile so we can see it. I don't even care if you drool all over me while I play with you. I'll take your drool for a smile any day. Tonight you made dad's day when he came home from work and you gave him a smile. He doesn't get to see it very much because he works late but he got to hold you tonight and you made him happy.

Wendy is still your biggest fan. She is so good with you and will "babysit" you to keep you happy while I'm busy and you like it even though she moves you into a million different positions. Jane likes you too but is scared of your "feta cheese". That's what she calls your spit up. Wendy doesn't mind it and actually likes to prove that she's mature enough to handle it when you do spit up. Boston's just a loud crazy boy. You'll like him when you're a little older.

Dude, we love you. You're a special spirit and I'm so glad you're in our family.

4 Month Stats:
Height: 25.5 inches (75th%)
Weight: 16lbs 8.5oz (75th%)
Head: 40.6 cm (25th%)

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