Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Simple Saturday

 I love Saturdays! Jane's home, Brandt's home and sometimes we even get to see cousins! Here are some pictures from our activities today.

There was hardly any snow left but these rugrats still managed to build a very impressive snowman after breakfast!
Wendy: Can I have a carrot for my snowman's nose?
Me: How big is your snowman? (Thinking it would be teeny because most of the snow is gone)
Wendy: Um, medium.
Me: Let me see it. (Looks out back) Wow! That snowman deserves a carrot nose!

After the cousins headed out for the day and the little boys napped, I took Jane out to redeem her very first "Book It!" reward. I have so many good memories of getting these as a kid and she was so excited. Lucky for me she was not a fan AT ALL of the pizza so it was my lunch. We never order Pizza Hut so she was turned off because of the thickness of it.

After the boys woke up we headed to the park so the kids could run around and Brandt could play a little frisbee golf. I adore these next two pictures:

I've melted every time I put this bunting outfit on one of my babies for the first time. This was the first time for Logan. Stop the cuteness! He was so chill at the park which was nice because he sat in the stroller while I played with the other kids.




After the park we shopped for a rake and then went home for low-key quesadillas for dinner. Fun day, fun family.

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