Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Random November

 November flew by! Here is the randomness from the month of November:

For Jane's half-birthday treat after school, she wanted to go to Dairy Queen and get a Starkiss popsicle but after standing at the counter for 5 minutes (there was no one in front of us, there was no one else in the building but for some reason the two men at the counter were ignoring us) the employee told me they don't carry them. Annoying but whatevs... I asked Jane if she wanted something else there or if she wanted to go somewhere else. She chose 7-Eleven. My back was hurting from lugging Logan around and I was very tired but half-birthday girl gets what half-birthday girl wants. Jane's dream come true... her very own slurpy. The kids also got to refill them before we left because the lady at the counter fell in love with them and their goofiness.

Earlier that morning Jane woke up early and did what she does every morning while the rest of us sleep... created SOMETHING. Today she made "snow globes". It's a good thing they were pretty cool AND that it was half birthday cause there was water everywhere! Brandt and I looked at each other and said at the same time, "Classic Jane."

 We got our first snow this month! The kids couldn't even wait until after breakfast to play in it!

"It's the blizzard of Oz!!"- Wendy

So... Boston's clothes. This is the story behind them. About once a week Jane decides to get Boston ready for bed. She secretly changes his diaper and then takes him into her room where she dresses him in HER pajamas. He loves it so much there's no changing him into his own pjs so he just sleeps in hers. Those two are crazy. Crazy but cute.

Also HUGE this month, we dropped Logan's swaddle! 

It was a super hard three weeks but at least WHEN he slept he looked cute!

We had to drop the swaddle cold turkey 2.5 weeks ago because he was about to start rolling over. It was a rough first week and only on the last day of it did he have a good nap. So much crying. The second week was better and he took one good nap every day but the other two naps were horrible. By the end of that week he started rolling over. (­čÄĄ Motherrrrr knows best) His naps were horrible again. Sigh. That's life with babies, right? Well, I'm so so so thrilled that today he has had two wonderfully blissful 2-hour long naps on his tummy. Just in time for getting his two bottom teeth. Every day is an adventure.

I love when I get to walk into his room to get him up and he's still sleeping.

So peaceful!

Spontaneous Monday morning haircut and he handled it like a boss (for the first time in his life). A bath, hairstyle and now some life lessons from Daniel Tiger.

One of my best haircuts! Success!

When the kids disappear and get quiet they are usually up to no good. This time Wendy said, "Mom! You've got to come see this!" This was the scene I walked into. I said, "Wendy, you left quite the money trail." She didn't get it.

Playing Legos with Wendy. I was very proud of my creations (that I skillfully copied from the front of the box...).

Second snow! This time we dressed appropriately.

Over Thanksgiving we spent a few days in Orem at Brandt's parent's house. I heard, "Um, Jane! Ok, I'll go get your mom." Grandma called me outside and told me to look at Jane. I thought for sure she was really messy and muddy or something along those lines. I couldn't even see her so I said, "Where is she?" Grandma pointed up. Holy Moses! She's SOOOO high! After I took a picture I made her very carefully get down. Sheesh!

Fussy baby? Nothing an apple can't solve! Mmmm, flavor.

We went to a really cool park in Orem and even though it was quite chilly, Logan enjoyed the swing.

Agh! He's so stink'n cute!

 Hey buddy!

I get to spend my "lunch hour" with this cute girl every single day. She's a good girl. I hope she knows how much we love her.

While we wait for Jane to come out of school each day she likes to stand in the front seat and stick her head through the sun roof.

I took these photos because I thought she looked pretty with the sharp blue sky in the background but I just noticed she's still eating apples when we pick up Jane just like she did every day in Chicago when Jane was in preschool and Wendy was 2! This girl loves apples!

Some other fun from this and the last couple months:

Wendy singing to calm crying Logan:
May you pleeeeease shut your mooouuuth... (Sung as a lullaby)

On the way home from church Wendy taught us about robbers:
"Robbers are really takey. They are really scary. And, really like stuff. So you better watch out for them!"

In Wendy's prayer... "And I really love my mom... Even though she made something I didn't like." (I made tortellini soup)

Talking about how cold she was at dinner:
I have a cold heart, brrrrr.- Wendy
Yeah, we already knew that.- Jane

Jane asked how far away heaven was. I was going to to say 72 million light years but decided to ask Brandt what he would say first. He said, "It's not a matter of distance, it's a matter of character." !! I have a seriously awesome husband. I took that answer to Jane and explained what character was and the difference in distance if you have a bad character or a good one. I asked her if she understood and she said, "I just want to know how far away it is! I said, "72 million light years." She said, "Wow! And what if I go that far?" I said, "Then you'll get there." She satisfyingly said, "wow" again and that ended the subject. Mom answer for the win!

Wendy hands Jane a drawing to cheer her up--
Jane: Why can't you draw a smile?
Wendy: Because I thought you were going to laugh.
Me: Is that a girl that's laughing?
Wendy: No, that's a gorilla.
(We all laughed really hard)
Wendy: See, I knew you would laugh!

Wendy came into the kitchen looking distressed and said, "Can someone put some water in my mouth?!"

Boston walked up next to me, grabbed a chunk of my hair and wiped his nose with it. I said, "Are you serious?!", and he just looked at me with a smile and said "Yes!" Brandt's response: Ha! How is he so cute?!

Wendy didn't like a song on pandora. She said, "I just don't want it! I'm going to donate it!" Ha! I guess I did tell her ages ago that people donate things they don't want when she asked what it meant.

I'm upstairs making food, Jane's doing her homework next to me and Wendy and Boss are downstairs playing. Boston starts screaming and saying, "No! I want Momma! No! I want Momma" and it sounds like he's running away. Wendy starts chasing him, stops and in a huff says, "Fine, then I am not going to pierce your ears!!"

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