Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Thanksgiving Point Visits

Grandma bought a pass to Thanksgiving Point and it is so fun to go every other Friday with her, my Sister-in-law Jenni and Jenni's kids! Here are some pictures from our recent trips:

Silly me didn't bring a stroller so Jenni was sweet enough to push Logan and Jane was sweet enough to carry Lily (who should have been in the stroller). I loved Jane's kindness and strength!

This picture makes me so so happy. One of the best things about living in Utah is that my kids will grow up with their cousins. These two. 

When we got to this clearing at the top of a hill Wendy said, "We should dance!"... naturally!

We found a wish fountain! I love Boston's expression here.

Obviously I gave them some pennies to make wishes on. Obviously Wendy wished for a pony.

My cute little Bossy Boy!

My kids probably shouldn't have sat on this Jesus statue but his lap was so inviting and I loved the symbolism of that. I'm sure Jesus would have invited them into his lap had he really been there.

Thinking of His love for each one of my kids touches my heart.

Thinking of their love for Him and the safety they feel in his lap touches my heart too.

Pony rides! Boss is big enough to ride on his own and I cannot even believe it!

Whaaa?! Did Wendy's wish come true!?

Tractor ride!

It was Logan's first tractor ride! He was suuuuuuper into it :)

Boston/Mom selfie... check.

 Grandma got the kiddos popcorn. Life could not get better.

Grandma and Wenders. Lucky little girl.

Grandma took this picture. This is how Boston is smiling lately and I love it because it shows his personality so perfectly. Silly boy. Couldn't love him more.

Can't wait for more Fridays to play at Thanksgiving Point!

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