Sunday, November 06, 2016

Wendy Mae: 5 Years!

Wendy Bendy! I love sharing a special day with you. This year, every time I told you happy birthday you told me back, "You too birthday twin!" This year we went to playgroup, got Wendy's for lunch at your request and ate it outside on a blanket, cleaned out the van (because I spilled your lemonade on the drive home) and had a dance party while we cleaned and the boys slept, colored with chalk on the driveway and for dinner we had whatever you wanted out of the cabinets and fridge (you loved it and I loved not cooking). It was a super fun day and you didn't want to go to sleep because I told you the next day wouldn't be your birthday! You went to sleep though because you're a good girl... and you love sleep like your mommy.

Wenders, you are a sweet, sweet girl. You give hugs to everyone and you love to snuggle. One day I picked you up from school and saw you giving a hug to everyone in your class as you made your way out the door. I'm so happy that you've made friends in Utah.

You're doing really well at your preschool. You're starting to recognize your letters, you can write your name, you know your colors and shapes (you even taught me what a rhombus is). You are also super shy and get nervous really easily. You're a sensitive soul my dear girl.

You love to do gymnastics and are constantly doing flips off our couch. Cinderella is your favorite because she wears blue. That's your favorite color. You say your favorite food is pizza and cereal but whenever we eat those you hardly eat. I think your favorite is actually apples. You also love chips, salad, ice cream and gum.

You love love love your brother Logan. You are ALWAYS asking to hold him and if I say no you get super grumpy. I'm so glad you have a sibling you love so much. When he gets a little older I think you two will be best friends.

I really enjoyed taking your birthday pictures. We went to a park and you and I did pictures while the others played. You had a little pack of Starbursts in your pocket for when we were finished and you were so fun and patient. When we finished, I taught you how you could smoosh the two flavors together to make a whole new flavor and you thought it was really cool. Though, I don't think your mouth is big enough for 2 pieces at the same time, ha!

I love you so much sweet girl. I feel like I missed you being small because it was a hard adjustment from one kid to two and then I was busy with Boston. All of a sudden you are a big girl and I can't believe it. I hope you keep asking for snuggles and I hope I keep finding the time to give them to you. My favorite moments with you are when I see you for the first time each morning as you quietly come into my room after 7am (You asked for an alarm clock so you'd know what time to get up and you've done SO well with it!), when you get up in the night to go potty as we are about to go to bed and you give me the most loving smile, when I actually let you help me bake (you always want to) and you show immense pride in what you're doing, and I love it when you sing (especially when you ask me to sing with you).

(Shifty eyes!)

You're a BIG burper, and huge goof and natural dancer. You love Daniel Tiger, blowing bubbles and are the girliest girl in our family. You are very opinionated when it comes to what you wear and love getting your nails done. You also like to pick out our outfits and recognize right away when we wear something new.

You're a big helper and when I'm sad you make it your mission to comfort me and help me feel better. I'll never forget how you quietly held me and patted my back as I cried and cried during a particularly hard day a couple months ago. You could have left and gone to play with your siblings but you just kept your arms around me for like half an hour when I told you you could go be a kid instead of taking care of me.

You bring a good balance to our family and we are sure glad you're part of it. You're now one whole hand old. I'm excited to see what comes on your way to two while hands :)

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