Saturday, December 17, 2016

Car Illiterate Folks Over Here

Brandt went to the store with Boston but forgot something so I sent him back. He came back in a while later and informed me the car wasn't working. We both have never had to deal with car trouble so we had no idea where to even begin. After texting the symptoms to my siblings, they all agreed it was probably just our battery. We put the kids to bed, put our coats on and went outside to see if we could get it working again. It may seem like a mundane thing but this was one of my favorite "dates" with Brandt in a long time.

We both had no idea what we were doing. We decided we'd jump it using our van but had to YouTube how to jump a car. Luckily we had jumper cables in the van. We went to open the hood of the van but both of us (who had each opened the hood once before) couldn't remember how to open it! I said, "I'll YouTube it" and quickly found a video showing where the hood release was. For your information, it's REALLY not obvious. I loved that we were both on our phones in the garage trying to figure this out.

We helped each other figure out how and where to put the cables (again, not obvious with the way the Odyssey is built) and I stood back juuuuust incase it exploded. Our kids need at least one of us and Brandt has more life insurance ;)

It didn't explode! We set the timer for 5 minutes and then started goofing around. I got this picture of Brandt:

"Oh, we should probably put this out so no one runs over us. Safety first."

"Ok, now that we are safe..."

I was laughing so hard my cheeks were hurting. Then we played tag. I mean, I tagged him and then gave up. I will never win at tag with him. After that, we stood in the cold looking at the lights on our street and creating ridiculous scenarios of what we could do with projectors and a stucco house. We've got some really "good" ideas...

5 minutes later we checked the car and it worked! Brandt exclaimed, "Wha?!?! We're the winners!" and then did a crazy happy dance. I might have joined him. We let them run a while longer and then carefully followed the steps to unhook the cables. After packing up our tools Brandt said, "Ok, let's go inside now that we're basically mechanics." Bahahahaha! Heaven help us if we ever have any more car trouble!


Danielle Arnett said...

you are a champion.

These are all the little things said...

Chris can talk you through how to swap the engine over the phone. You're set.