Monday, December 19, 2016

Daddy Daughter Date

Brandt's old co-worker and friend came to town and wanted to hang out downtown yesterday. I decided I should stay back with the boys so they could nap, which meant a daddy/daughter date with Wendy! She was so excited and was counting down the days. When I picked her up from school today her teacher said, "Someone is so excited about the adventure with her dad today! We heard all about it!" Wendy and Brandt left right after I got her from school and took the train up to Salt Lake City. Here are some pictures from their day:

LUCKY lady got to go to lunch at From Scratch! I love that place! Brandt said she ate 1/4 of his burger (she recently discovered she liked burgers), a lot of french fries and a little bit of salad. She normally loves salad but wasn't a fan of the blue cheese. I get it. It's an acquired taste.

Then they met up with Jess and her boyfriend Chris!

Wendy loves her daddy. Her daddy loves her. They are a good match.

I love this picture for many reasons. I love how they are looking at each other, the ray of sunshine, but most of all the SLC Temple in the background... the place Brandt and I were married many years before bringing little Wenders into this world.

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