Tuesday, December 27, 2016

How Boston Made My Day

Boston. I'm not sure what it is about this boy but he is completely adorable and makes us laugh 95% of the time. The other 5% he's a terror but there's seriously no in between. Maybe it's his big brown eyes or his HUGE smile. Maybe it's that he's finally speaking more and the words he strings together are always adorable. It could be that he's THE BEST napper. You just tell him he can have his blanket and he's totally up for going to sleep (he only gets it when he sleeps). When he says "on off" instead of saying "the light" or says "yeah, me too" to anything that involves someone else, we all gush.

Tonight he did something that just made my day. He's not usually a cuddle bug or very affectionate (minus the adorable smile he flashes almost non-stop). Because of this and to teach him to be thankful I always ask him to give me a hug and say "tay-too momma" after I change his diaper. It's usually the highlight of my day. Well, tonight, he was listening to Brandt read a book in Middle Earth (Boston and Wendy's room because they are the middle kids... get it?) and I was in Logan's room singing Logan a song before laying him down for the night. All of a sudden Boston walks in and I was about to shoo him away so he didn't distract Logan but once again his big eyes and smile got him whatever he wanted. He walked right up to me and out of no where made the kissy noise with his lips a few times like he was saying, "I want to give you a kiss." I bent down and said, "You want a kiss?" He said yes and puckered up. He gave me a kiss and went back to listen to the story. From the time he walked in till he left lasted only a few seconds but my heart was melted. My brown-eyed boy totally asked me for a kiss! And that folks, is only one reason why my Bossy Boy will frequently get what he wants. Heaven help me.

Here's my cute boy wearing his Christmas present from Grandma and Grandpa Arnett today:

Jane was pushing him around on his new dump truck (also from G&G Arnett) like it was his fire truck. These two play so well together.

Love you big boy! I would totally be ok with you staying "two half" forever.

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