Thursday, December 15, 2016

Learning To Sit

My little Logan Fox is SUCH a chunk! He started solids the day he turned five months and there have been days I just can't bring myself to feed him much because I just know there's no more room in there. He reminds me of Wendy at this age but Wendy had about 6 more rolls on each arm. He loves solid foods and took to them really quickly, like 2 bites in he knew just what to do. I love it because he opens his mouth even before I get the next scoop ready. He's so easy to feed. He's definitely put on some major pounds. His next appointment to check his weight is next week so I don't know exactly how much yet... I just know my back is feeling it.

He's a pro at rolling from his back to his tummy. He does it even before I take a step away from the crib after putting him down. He's starting to go from his tummy to his back too. The other day I swear one of the kids had to have moved him (they promise they didn't) because he was pretty far away from his play gym where I left him but I think he's starting to become a little mobile.

Wendy was playing with him today on the couch and sat him up. He was doing SUCH a good job at holding his little big self up all on his own! I bet he'll be sitting like a pro really soon. Here are some pictures of how Wendy sat him up. He was so stink'n cute I had to grab my phone and take some pictures...

This last picture was perfect to send to Brandt tonight with the caption, "So... when are ya com'n home?" I think I'm going to use it for that question every night when he's working late and hasn't texted me with his ETA yet :)

Love you little Logan! The last few days you've been giving me lots of laughs and smiles. Starting to get hard to say bye to you at nap time!

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