Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Logan Fox: 6 Months!

We made it! The first six months of having a baby is the hardest for me. It gets better at 3 months because they start smiling more and sleeping better but 6 months is awesome because they sleep awesome and smile tons. They get ticklish, love to be played with, love holding toys and can occupy themselves for a while while sucking on said toys... it's just a great time.

My little Fox is SIX months! The last couple months flew by. He's such a great sleeper. He sleeps 7pm-7am, takes 2 great naps (about 2 hours long) and one short nap, is eating solids twice a day, is still in size three diapers, wearing 6-12 month clothes, does NOT suck on his hands or thumb (that's a first),  does NOT take a bottle, rolls over from his back to tummy really well and is starting to lift his tummy off the ground for just a second occasionally. We have started being vigilant about choking hazards because he gets around the floor with all his rolling and accidental scooting backwards. He's not very coordinated, meaning he can't really do what his mind wants to but he's definitely starting to get mobile.

He doesn't spit up as much as he used to, started liking baths as of a week ago (he LOVES kicking his legs in the water), started eating the little Gerber Puffs which is nice because it keeps him entertained for a little while and he has quite a lot of blonde hair but it's hard to see because like Jane as a baby, it's quite see-through. He looks like Wendy but has Jane's coloring.

His favorite place to be is his jumper. He is such a kicker/jumper and would love to be in the jumper for an hour or more a day if we let him. I love to hold him right after I feed him. He just rests in my arms so relaxed and peaceful. It's also the time Wendy always runs in and says, "Can I hold Logan now!?!?!?!?!" I have started just saying no because I want to hold him too! I work really hard taking care of him... I'm gonna be selfish and hold him when he's the chillest.

He's started being able to sit up unassisted for a few moments but tonight he sat up for a good three minutes! It's not his favorite but as he gets more back strength I'm sure he'll like it more.

Stats from his appointment today:

Height: 27.5 in (75th%)
Weight: 19 lbs 1 oz (75th%)
Head: 44 cm (60th%)

And that's all about Logan! Now for some pictures from his half-birthday!

For his birthday I made him a three layer chocolate half cake. We all enjoyed it for him :) Only 6 more months till he gets to enjoy a cake himself!

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