Monday, January 09, 2017

Texans in Utah!

My parents came to Utah! It was a super fun few days and I already look forward to the next time they come. I had a blast playing games with my dad, it was super fun seeing my mom play with the kids (they kind of demanded to play with her every second they were awake) and we even got to go out and see the new Star Wars movie with my dad and Josh while my mom watched the kids! Here are pictures from the other things we did...

 They made my dreams come true by bringing me some of my favorite food from Texas... Kolaches and armadillo eggs!

The day after they came we headed to Idaho for my niece's blessing. Brandt stayed home with Wendy and Boss, and I took Jane and Logan. Here we are at Firehouse for dinner once we got to Logan, Utah. I love seeing my baby brother Joshua with my baby boy Logan. These two blondes are so cute!

Anna, Chris and little Alivia!

My Mom and Dad! So thankful to my mom for holding cranky and tired Logan so I could stuff my face with delicious pizza!

It was so fun bringing Jane on this trip. She was really looking forward to it and I love that she was old enough to be fun to bring. My favorite moment with her at dinner was surprising her with Sprite to drink and then ice cream after her pizza because it came with her meal. She felt loved and I loved it. After dinner we went to the hotel and put Logan down and then everyone but him and my mom went to Walmart for a couple things. A cool moment was showing Jane some fireworks in the sky as we pulled into the parking lot. I realized Jane had never been awake to see fireworks at night before! In the store, we searched high and low for a snow globe since the one Jane brought broke when we got to the hotel but they didn't have any. Jane's normal bedtime is 7pm (though she reads till 7:30/8) so it being 10pm she was going crazy... bouncing off the walls crazy. After we grabbed what we needed we headed back to the hotel to go to bed. Logan was stirring, the A/C kept going off and it was hard to sleep so I gave up and Jane and I watched cooking/baking short videos on my phone. She thought it was SO cool. We finally fell asleep after 11pm.

 The next day we got up early, Jane stuffed her face with Fruit Loops and we headed to Preston for Alivia's blessing. Isn't she darling?!

The two girls of the hour:

While I took Jane to the bathroom my dad watched Logan and when I came out these two couldn't have been cuter. Logan and his Grandpa... a moment I'll cherish forever.

The next day, back at my place, I walked out to see my parents resting the same exact way. They're funny.

That same day, Brandt stayed home with the boys so they could nap and the rest of us went to the Aquarium for the first time.

We had a whale of a time.

Walking across the rope bridge in "South America".

It's much too muggy in "South America".

 Wendy on a frog.

Jane on a frog.

Joshua and Dad on a turtle. Then we lost Josh for a while.

Saved the best for last... SHARKS!


I have cute girls.

We are all very grateful for that glass.

How big was it?


As we were leaving my mom saw a snow globe and bought it for Jane. She is now keeping it in a safe place and never taking it anywhere. Lesson learned. Mom, Dad and Josh went home the next day and they are very much missed. It was definitely a really fun New Year. Hopefully we'll see them this summer for Jane's blessing!

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