Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Wendy day

Today was a super windy day. It also happened to be a day where everything I took pictures of involved Wendy. We joke sometimes when it's windy that, "It's windy outside! Wait, Wendy's outside!? Oh no! Wendy come inside!" Then she laughs and says, "I'm right here!" We're funny like that :)

Anyway, here are some pictures from our day:

Since yesterday was President's day she was supposed to dress patriotic today from preschool. When I picked her up she was wearing this hat she made. It made me laugh. She loves preschool so much. I'm so glad that's the one I chose when I googled preschools in West Jordan right when we knew we were going to move here. It's perfect for her.

One of the kids at her school was gone last week so he brought his valentines today and she shared the treats with Boston. She always shares without anyone even asking. Her siblings are lucky to have her.

This picture makes me laugh too because it was so windy that her hair was flying around and Boston was like, "I'm trying to be brave for this picture!" After I got the picture I said, "Ok, let's go inside!" He screamed and ran as fast as he could.

After that Walgreens we went to another because... Valentine's clearance. At this store they had stuffed animals for $1.50. I'm not supposed to spend money on stuff we don't need right now, especially stuffed animals. I can't even spend my birthday money on stuffed animals. Brandt rarely gives me rules. I can do what I want as long as it's not wasteful, Texas themed (haha) or stuffed animals. I know why, we have a ton but I saw a fox and since I was getting a fox Wendy wanted the adorable unicorn. I stood there trying to be strong, really, but how could I say no to a $1.50 unicorn of her dreams!? Then, since I was getting one for her I had to get one for Jane because I'm not dumb... the fighting would never end. If you give a mouse a cookie...

So, three stuffies later (we're pretending the fox is Boston's until he loses interest like he always does) and we were back in the wind and on our way home.

Later that afternoon Wendy was playing with Logan kind of rough right after he ate and got a nice spray of spit-up in her hair/face. She said, "Oh, I hope he didn't spit up on me. Did he?" I made her stay like this for a minute while I grabbed my phone for a picture. After I was done she said, "Ok mom, now you need to wash it off." All is forgiven. She's so in love with him.

We had some time before needing to get Jane from school so we played on scooters (that they all got for Christmas) while Logan napped. Boston is getting SO good at riding it!

Wendy is really good too! Jane has her handle bars up really high so Wendy demands that hers be up really high too. Whatever makes them happy...

Boston just started to be able to clear that corner without falling or stopping to adjust this week!

He's such a cutie!

Go Bossy go!

Wendy and I got out Jane's scooter and she stood on it while I rode it. It was a fun afternoon but a storm started coming in so we had to put the scooters away.

I love this girl. She has a kind heart, gives great snuggles, and has a fierce yet sweet attitude. Love you Wenders!

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