Saturday, February 11, 2017

Logan Fox: 8 months

Tonight was a night that will make me miss my babies. We went to a friend's birthday party and stayed until after their bedtime. Everyone did so well, even Logan who missed his last nap so we could go. He didn't even show he was tired which was a first. He's only missed his last nap once before. Tonight he got passed around from stranger to stranger who wanted to hold the cute fella. I didn't even know most of them, ha! On our drive home I didn't want him to fall asleep so I reach back into his carseat and put my hand next to his head so distract him. He was still for a moment but then he reached his tiny hand up, grabbed my hand and put it closer to his face. It was one of the sweetest moments. He didn't even know where that hand came from or who it belonged to but he wanted it and trusted it.

When we got home Brandt put the middles to bed and I started getting Logan ready for bed. While I was changing his diaper he started doing this super funny thing with his tongue. It was like he was thinking, "What is this lump in my mouth? It moves around and I think I can control it!" He would stick it out and make it go from stumpy to really long and try and grab it with his hand. It was cracking me up. I started feeding him some solids and I was laughing so hard I had to get the camera and try and film it. He stopped doing it for the most part but I got it a little. Jane came upstairs and got some good smiles from him.

Here's the video. It's a long one but I know 5 years from now I'll be so glad to see him as a baby.

My little Logan Fox at 8 months. He loves food so much. He can grab food with his hand and put it in his mouth with 75% accuracy. He loves bread and puffs and eats almost all the purees I give him. When he's done he bats his hands at me like he's trying to get away. It makes me laugh. When he's done he's done. He's very mobile but in the most awkward way. He can't crawl but wants to so bad so it's more like an inch worm. He gets up like he's doing a push up on his toes but with his tiny bum so high in the air. Then, he gets his knees under him and lunges as far forward as he can with all his might. He does that over and over until he gets to where he wants to go.

He is so fast at rolling from his back to his tummy that diaper changes are SO hard! It's funny but also, seriously dude! Just let me put the diaper on you!

I love this kid. I am having a hard time with him growing up. With my other kids they were always "almost" the next age. For Logan he's exactly how old he is that day and not a moment older.

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