Friday, February 17, 2017

Picking Up Jane From School

It was a warm(er) day and I had some free time before picking up Jane and our two neighbor kids from school so while Wendy and Boston were at a neighbor's house I bundled up Logan, grabbed a couple scooters and booked it to Jane's school. I started out walking fast because I didn't want to be late but then realized I was going to be so I needed to run. It was definitely not as warm as I thought it was. My ears were freezing and I was so on the border of having an asthma attack but I focused on my breathing and kept running while pushing the stroller.

I got there JUST as the kids walked out. They were pretty excited to be surprised with walking home so my shortness of breath was worth it. Here are some pictures from our walk home:

My cute little smiley bear!

This outfit is probably my favorite baby purchase next to our video monitors. $35 no regrets.

 I love his grin!

Sorry the ride was a little bumpy! I promise the ride home will be much slower.

We only had two scooters and there were three kids so Jane and Lilly quickly worked up a solution.

Ha! It was so cute to watch them ride.

I can't believe Jane is such a big girl.

Such a fun girl.

 Such a beautiful big girl!

So glad to call you mine Janers!

Scootering home in style.

 Serious style :)

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