Monday, February 20, 2017

President's Day: GIRL DATE

The 10 years we lived in Chicago, Brandt never got President's Day off work. The first holiday of the year at VSA was Memorial Day in May so it was always a loooong 6 months between Christmas and then. At his new job at Axis 41, President's Day is a paid holiday! We sat down last night and made a list of things I wanted to get done today. On that list was laundry, vacuuming, Costco, Target, cleaning mud off a million shoes that have been piling up that instead of cleaning I've just been ignoring them and pulling out new shoes from our new shoe bin... AND Nickel Mania! I had promised Jane that if I could throw out her super disgusting HUGE gobstopper from Christmas I would take her and Wendy on a date to Nickel Mania and today was the day.

We started off the day with me taking the older three to Target first thing in the morning to return some things (but really it was in case the Valentine's Day clearance was 90% off which it was). They got to finish the Planes movie that they watched on the way home from Grandma's the night before while we waited for the store to open (gotta be there first thing on 90% off clearance days). When we got home my lovely husband had already put Logan down for his first nap and made us ebelskivers for breakfast. I spent a few hours doing the laundry and vacuuming and then it was time for our girls date!

Neither girl had ever been to a place like this before and they were so excited. They even brought all their nickels and dimes to use. It was crazy busy but we still managed to play what we wanted and had a blast. Here are some pictures:

Girl Date! I love my girl team.

Get 'em Wendy!

Jane played this a few times. She was actually really good. I think I can only lift my heavy body up about twice before I lose at that (past experience... many times...)

Some serious air!


Wendy's first time at ski ball. I was so distracted by getting a picture that I forgot to tell her how to do it. She immediately threw it really hard OVERhand. Whoops.

Then, while I was taking a picture of Jane doing it Wendy came over to me screaming and holding her nose. I had no idea what happened but eventually I got it out of her that Jane's elbow hit her in the nose. Tonight as I was looking at these pictures I laughed so hard because I got the exact moment on camera and didn't even know it! And, here is when Wendy was standing too close to the hurricane and got an elbow in the nose:

A good snuggle and everything was better.

Back to having fun!

I asked Wendy what her favorite part about Nickel Mania was tonight and she said, "The thing you sit on and go round and round." This was the slowest and most uneventful carousel but it was her favorite. I had them try and give me high-fives as they sloooooooowly went around. Surprisingly they could hardly hit my hand! Now that I know it was her favorite part I feel sad I didn't let her do it a second time when she asked after it ended.

They each got about 260 tickets...

And, got quite the loot! Jane got one more toy than Wendy so we got a few more nickels in hopes of getting enough tickets to get a tiny toy for her. We weren't doing very well but Jane found a ticket and a nickel on the floor so that helped. We played Deal or No Deal and were SO close to getting a ton of tickets but when we had the option of taking the deal of 39 tickets (enough for a toy) or chancing it with 8 or 70, Jane felt really strongly to not take the deal. We got 8 tickets, womp womp. I got a few more nickels and we tried some other games, finally getting enough. At the redemption counter something really weird happened, I'm still not sure what and somehow we got way more tickets to spend then we walked up with. The girls both got friendship necklaces and Wenders got a mini flashlight like Jane.

When we got in the van they both chose ME to have the other half of their necklaces! I think it was a successful date :)

We went to Costco where instead of lunch after shopping we got ice cream, because why not? Boss was super happy to see me as I pulled up to the house. He was super cute riding his scooter as Brandt watched from the porch holding Logan. The girls JUMPED out, grabbed their scooters and spent some time outside while I cleaned the upstairs. 

We decided on BLTs and tots for dinner so I needed to go to the store for bread and when Logan and I came back, Jane was in the middle of cooking bacon! Brandt was guiding her through every step of making dinner and she did everything! She said she didn't like burning her arm on the griddle (not too bad) but other than that she felt super proud that she made dinner for everyone. I was super proud of her too. 

The kids went to bed and that pile of muddy shoes is just gonna have to wait (until everyone outgrows them) because I'm not getting off this couch. 

What a fun day. Now to remember tomorrow isn't Sunday when I wake up...

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