Monday, February 27, 2017

Random February Part 1

 Here is some fun from the first part of February:

 Little Wendy Mae on the way to school. I LOVE that when my girly girl isn't wearing a dress, she's tucking her shirts into her pants.

She drew this picture for her teacher and was so excited to give it to her. She's such a cutie!

 Jane's finally at a school that celebrates 100th Day so she got to pick something that she could bring 100 of. Chocolate chips were the perfect thing. Though, as I was cutting up stuff for dinner and while she was counting I had no idea Boston was helping himself to the giant bag of chocolate chips! I looked over, saw him and said, "Boss! Have you just been eating chocolate chips!? He smiled and said, "No." Ha! Turkey.

Sometimes when you do a really good job at cleaning and you know it won't last the 2 hours before husband gets home, you take a picture and send it to him to prove you DID clean.

I don't even remember what we were doing or why I took a picture but this cracks me up. Jane, you're awesome.

We had this car seat out of the car for a few days and Wendy decided Logan should be in a car seat. It's the safest place, right? He wasn't too happy but it was funny. One day, maybe, she'll listen to the "no touching Logan" rule.

When my brother was visiting he took these pictures of a thief in the vicinity.

Keep an eye out. He could be anywhere now. That's right, this mint stealing thief could get you next.

Jane was supposed to be getting ready for bed when she came up to my room wearing this mask she had just made and said, "Look! I'm Hello Kitty!" Classic Jane.

National (Free!!) Frozen Yogurt Day Success! We promptly moved the party to the van after taking this photo and no one spilled... double success! Though, I think Logan noticed his bowl was empty. Sorry, baby boy. It will be piled high next year!

I had just finished making dinner and thought, "Hey, I have a free moment! I'll go outside and play with my kids!" That's when I opened the door and died. My baby girl, my first born, was waaaaaay to high for comfort. She tried to calm me by saying, "It's ok mom. I checked every branch before I used it to make sure it was stable." She then showed me her process as she (took ten years to) climb down. Phew. Safe and sound on the ground and hopefully the good discussion we had will stop her from doing it again.

 Boss is OBSESSED with fixing things. We finally laid down the law about him getting Brandt's tools out non-stop. Today he decided the chairs needed to be fixed.

 Cowgirl Jane (in a waaaay too small dress up) and her faithful steed Wendy. They played this all afternoon. When they get along all is wonderful in my world.

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