Thursday, March 16, 2017

Goof'n Off At Gardner Village

Janers has art at a place called Gardner Village on Tuesdays and this Tuesday the weather was SUPER nice so we went a little early and stayed a little after dropping her off. We went straight to the chocolate store where the kids like seeing taffy be pulled and where we can get a very tasty sample of caramel. Jane and Wendy also bought a couple Warheads with change from "their" pocket in my purse (where we put money they randomly find). We dropped Jane off at class and then the other kids saw a bridge that sat over a little lake so I took some pictures of the kids next to it.

This little cheeser is officially a 2 nap a day cheeser! He's exhausted by dinner time but that last nap just wasn't happening. It's nice having the flexibility of not having that "nap".

I think he's getting one of his top teeth! I'll know in a few days but I think I see white coming through!

I'm not in a rush though... this little toothy grin is my favorite.

This picture is so appropriate because I took about 8,900 pictures of him trying to get a smile but he was pretty tired. Makes me laugh... "No more photos mom, no pictures please."

I love you little chunk! You have a long lock of hair behind each ear and I can't bring myself to cut them. I also have two teeny bits of blue nail polish left on my big toes from the pedicure I got the day before you were born to celebrate your birth. It's almost gone but I've left it. I hope it stays until your birthday. I saw a one year old at the park today and though you are three months younger you looked three months older. As long as you have those funny locks and I have a speck of blue on my toes you will stay my baby. I love kissing your chubby cheeks. I love the look you give me when I say, "Uh uh, not for baby!" as you are about to do something you shouldn't. I don't love how to do back bends and roll over while I'm changing you. Maybe you could stop doing that?

 Wenders and Bossy Boy!

Wendy was such a good sport taking these pictures. Boston was NOT cooperating and she sat there the whole time giving me smiles so I could hopefully get one of Boss. She's such a sweetheart. We matched shirts that day. I like being twinkies with her. She's getting too big too fast.

My two favorite things Boss says these days are how he says his name, "Bozzy" and how whenever he's excited or happy something happened the way he wanted he says "Horray!" in the cutest little 2 year old voice.

Boss likes to walk instead of ride in the cart when we go to grocery stores now. He usually does a good job of staying by me except for at Macey's where they have orange samples and salsa samples. He runs straight to those and throws a huge fit if I stop him. He loves "oosh"es and "sawsa". He doesn't really like cookies which would be fine if he'd at least take them and give them to me when we get samples from the bakery but he gives a yucky face to the worker and says, "Ew, no." Ha! This kid.

Wenders lost her third tooth on Saturday. She was eating a strawberry, held her tooth up and said, "Um mom, my tooth came out." I thought it had a few more days left on it. That night the tooth fairy forgot to come (eek!) so we distracted her by saying "Wendy, want to hold Logan?" Works EVERY time. I jumped out of bed and wrote a note from the tooth fairy saying she had to find her surprise  and hid it downstairs. Wendy was super excited to find a book of mazes, color changing click pen and three airheads (I felt bad for forgetting) which she shared with Jane and Boston all on her own.

I threw the tooth away and a few hours later we talked about how she was supposed to bring something that started with the letter t to school the next day. She really wanted to bring her tooth but the tooth fairy already took it. I told her we'd write a letter to the tooth fairy and ask to borrow it. The tooth fairy dug it out of the giant yucky kitchen trashcan (not easy mind you) and left it with a special note that she could bring to school. She was SO happy. When Wendy left it out for the tooth fairy to take back that night the tooth fairy was so proud of her for taking care of it and returning it that she left Wendy a giant pencil. Wendy was thrilled to have such a long experience with the tooth fairy. It was fun for me too :)

I like these two kiddos. Wendy, you're my pal. Thanks for being so patient with me and loving and forgiving when I'm not patient with you. Thanks for telling me "Jesus doesn't like the way you're acting right now". I need those reminders. You have a kind heart sweet girl. You're the first to give up what you want just so someone else will be happy. You're too good to us. Bossy, you make us laugh each day. You're 100% boy and crack us up. I love hearing you talk and I get excited every time you say a word for the first time. Your laugh is the best and I might just keep you in diapers forever so I can tickle you as much as I want.

Speaking of funny...

This boy decided to bear crawl instead of regular crawl while we were at the bridge. I was laughing so hard watching him move around like this.

Kids... they are good entertainment.

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