Friday, March 10, 2017

Logan Fox: 9 months

My little Fox is growing up too fast! As of today I can no longer say he's 8 months old. I've been holding out till the very last second to say he's 9 months.

 He had his 9 month well child appointment today and he's big and perfect. His stats are:
Weight: 21 lbs 6 oz (75th)
Height: 29.5 inches (90th)
Head: 18 inches (75th)

He's crawling everywhere fast and is fearless. Brandt played a game with him where Logan would crawl to the edge of the bed, fall off and Brandt would catch him and flip up over. Now tries to do it all the time wherever there is an edge even when no one is playing with him...

He's still taking three naps a day but the last one is super short and about to be dropped. Not too excited about that. He will drink out of the weighted sippy cups had some of a ring pop this month because he REALLY wanted it and looked so cute with it in his mouth. 4th child. He was really angry when we took it back.

He has been pretty healthy minus one bad cold/ear infection. It's so sad when he's sick. It's sad when any baby is sick. He powered through it and has been doing well. He loves food. He'll eat basically anything we give him that's a puree. He's not too into real food yet because his gag reflex is sensitive but today he had a fry from chick-fil-a and enjoyed sucking on it till it fell piece by piece into my lap.

He knows when you call his name, gives the biggest cheese face (partially shown below) when he's happy and is really good at picking up any tiny crumb and putting it in his mouth.

His bother and sisters came to the appointment today... always a fun time. They were NOT this content the whole time.

We love you little buddy! Even though I want you to stay my baby forever I'm excited to watch you learn everything and see you grow.

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