Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Random February Part 2

 Here is some fun from the second part of February:

Ugh, this kid! I need like 5 extra hands to get him changed. Sometimes I give up and have to call for someone's help to hold him down. SOMETIMES toys help but not always. Each time though, he gives the cutest trouble-maker smiles because he knows he's giving you a run for your money.

 I was waiting for Jane to get out of school when I noticed this note she had written on the very dirty van window. She's always leaving me notes saying she loves me but usually it's with marker and paper. Made my heart melt.

When she got in the car I told her to come up front because Wendy was already up there (she loves standing in the front seat while we wait) so we could take a picture of me and my girls.

I love my girl team.

Dinnertime without Brandt sometimes means you do what you need to do. I put some puffs on the floor by me and Logan was finally content. Sigh. Cute boy, though!

We had the most beautiful sunset the other day! Even the girls were flabbergasted by it. When Brandt got home and I told him about it he showed me pictures he took on his way home from work because he was blown away by it too. I love living in Utah.

Walking into the playroom to do some laundry...
Me: So, um, what's up with all the naked women?
Jane: (Like it's not weird at all) It's our Christmas tree.
Of course it is.

My sweet, beautiful, highly emotionally unstable, selfless Wenders.

I just want to thank Oriental Trading for always sending the PERFECT reading material for cranky kids who need a distraction at 5pm. 
Me: Here Wendy, go sit on your bed and look at this.
Wendy: Ok.
And there she sat for a good 20 minutes.

Another good distraction... Just Dance videos on YouTube. Awesome way to get out all the energy before bed. We had to make a baby barrier so Logan wouldn't get stepped on. Perfect little nook for him.

A mobile baby who wants to explore but also wants to stay by his mamma means this is my new southern view. I love it.

I let this big boy sit in the seat of the cart for the first time and this was his initial reaction. SO EXCITED!

Then this reaction:

Then this reaction:

He cracks me up.
Who has two teeth and is officially not a baby? This boy:

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