Thursday, March 02, 2017

Random This Week

It's been a very picture heavy week already so tonight, while Brandt's out playing games with his guy friends, I thought I'd spend the evening eating kettle corn, listening to my "Chick Music" station on Pandora and unload the pictures I've taken this week, starting with today. Here we go!

 Jane's school has done this event where you come in for donuts and juice before school a couple times but I've never wanted to gather my gaggle and get there by 7:30am (I'm so not a morning person) but Brandt could come this time and Logan is fast at feeding now so we gave it our best shot and made it happen!

Jane was really excited. This morning I woke up to her poking me over and over. She was dressed and so was Wendy. She was upset that Boston wouldn't let her get him dressed and needed my help. She was on top of it today!

Well, kind of on top of it. After we ate donuts I said, "Jane, did you bring your backpack?" She didn't. It was ok. After we left I grabbed it from home and brought it to her. I'm sad she's already in 2nd grade. I'm super proud of her though, sometimes she amazes me. I heard her say to Boston today, "What Boss? You want some candy? (She had an airhead from an activity in her room) Ok, but we have to ask mom first." She came up 10 minutes later asking if it was ok to have her mini airhead if she gave a piece to Wendy and Boston. I told her I heard her say that to Boss and that I was proud of her for thinking to ask me all on her own. I was also proud that she thought to share. Then later today she started a game called "Skeeters" that involved her and her siblings wearing pink pjs (Boss wore her red pjs... close enough she said), socks on their hands and underwear on their heads. Yup, that's my Jane.

 As I was getting the kids out of the car Wendy put this blanket around Logan and stuck a binky in his mouth (he doesn't take a binky so he kept spitting it out, ha!). She said, "Mom, he seriously looks like a real baby!" Before I saw him I said back to her, "He IS a real baby, I know." When I went around to get him out and saw him I was shocked and said, "Aw, that's so cute! He DOES look like a real baby!"

While Logan napped we colored on some cardboard and played school in the playroom. I read books, pretended it was naptime (because I'm not a morning person) and then they played with the dress-ups. Boston wanted to wear Jane's pink leotard so he did and wore it while we played "baseball". He definitely has older sisters :)

Logey Bogey took a teeny second nap today so we tried to play quietly while Boston napped.

This boy is starting to have separation issues! When I leave a room he notices for sure. Well, that or he just doesn't trust his siblings. I don't blame him... It's been a rough week where him and they are concerned. Either way, he sure loves his mama.

An example as to why he may not trust his siblings... I seriously stepped away for 2 minutes. Before I left I said, "Wendy, DON'T touch Logan. I'll be right back. PLEASE just leave him alone. AS I turned around she ran over to him and started picking him up. I scolded her and reminded her to leave him alone. When I came back I said, "Wendy, why are you holding him?" She said, "Well, he just climbed up on me." Ha! Surrrre, you big turkey.

He can't actually climb up on his sister's lap while she's on the ottoman BUT he did learn how to climb up this step today! Nooooooo! And, he's officially a crawler as of this week. He crawls real style unlike Wendy (army crawl) and Boston (one-legged ape crawl?).

 Yesterday I had my first baby fall out of a crib. It was super sad. I didn't think he was big enough to climb up yet but sure enough, after I put him down for a nap I heard a huge thud and crying. I RAN upstairs and he was on the floor. He slept in his pack 'n play till Daddy came home to adjust his crib. It was a family affair (Jane is under the crib). He was ok, thank goodness. If it'd happened in Chicago with any of my other kids they would have hit the hardwood floor so I'm grateful it didn't happen till now. Also, funny tangent... I was trying to squeeze the pack 'n play through the door so I didn't have to unfold it and it got stuck. Boston was trying to help and eventually pointed at himself and then the door saying, "Me back. Hammer." He turned around and started running toward where we keep our tools. I was inside the room blocked by the stuck pack 'n play. It was one of those arm reaching, "Noooooooooo" moments. Haha. He came back.

We're also figuring out life with a crawling baby and stairs. We didn't have stairs in Chicago so this is new territory. We can't damage the walls in ANY way so I've been at a loss for what to do, plus I don't want to buy 4 gates for my 4th kid so we're experimenting. Gate attempt #1:

We had some good heavy snow yesterday so Jane and Wendy played in it after school. Wendy rolled the bottom ball all by herself! I couldn't believe it. Jane did the rest and I think it's the cutest screw-eyed snowman I've ever seen. I love it!

Before Jane got home though, Wenders and I played in the snow while the boys napped.

I wasn't going to because I was shoveling the driveway and sidewalks. She asked if I would play with her and I told her I'd see how my body felt after shoveling. After I was done she asked, "How does your body feel after shoveling?" It didn't feel great so I rested on the steps while she played.

Then she wanted to check the mail so we did that and after a mini snowball fight on the way home I had enough energy to play with her.

I'm glad I did cause she's a fun girl. Look at this snowman she made by herself!

She wanted to take a picture of me throwing a giant snowball at her. She was so brave! Ha! I threw it short so it wouldn't impale her. I'm not a HORRIBLE mom... Then she threw one at me. She got me :)

Snowball fighting is exhausting!

Thanks for playing with me cutie.

And lastly, my kids fight a lot. I don't know if it's a normal amount or extremely excessive. Their personalities are just SO different. Some days we are just over it and only two things stop it. 1) sending them all to separate rooms or 2) putting on a movie. We turned on Planet Earth and they all snuggled together for SO LONG! I love it when they can be in the same room peacefully. That night we had our first REAL Family Home Evening in a long time. Usually it's me reading from The Friend during dinner, eating a dessert and playing something together because Brandt is still at work. We decided to do it on Sunday so he could be there. It was super fun. We even had songs! Jane chose s'mores but we didn't have graham crackers so we did the next best thing... rice crispy treats with a layer of melty Hershey bar in the middle. Wendy chose to do Just Dance on YouTube. It was a great way to start the week.

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