Thursday, May 04, 2017

Jane's not a baby anymore

"I'm basically a ninja now."-Jane who earned her white belt in karate last month and has all sorts of self-esteem :)

It's weird, sometimes I still think Jane is 5 but she's almost 8... in only 4 days! I typed out that she has it the hardest in our family but I deleted it because honestly, Wendy has it the hardest. I always get upset at Wendy because I feel like she should act like Jane and I forget she's 2.5 years younger than Jane. But, Jane does have it hard being the first born and us learning from our mistakes parenting her. I DO love those moments when we are able to let her do something special that the other kids can't and a big one is staying up later. I put her to bed at 7 but spend time with her after I put the other kids down and then let her read till 8.

One of my least favorite things though is that after I say good night she comes out... Every. Single. Night. Sometimes she comes out a bunch of times and it drives me CRAZY! We have a list of things she will lose if she comes out after I leave her room and it makes me sad always threatening her but we don't know what else to do. Mommy just needs to clock out and shutting her door as I'm leaving is me clocking out.

Anyway... that's the backstory to this post.

Tonight she wanted me to beat a level on her camera (it has games) so I agreed to do it if she read the whole page we were on of the scriptures. She rocked it! She totally focused and read the whole thing! I checked in with her half way reminding her that she needed to pay attention to what was being said and she did "meh" with that but she FOCUSED! That's HUGE! After we were done and it was time to say good night she told me to stay where I was on her bed and she tucked me in. She said, "You go to sleep, I'm going to go help dad clean the kitchen." Ha! She was trading roles with me! I said, "Ok" and she left. After a while I came out to find her in the living room with Brandt folding laundry (the 5 loads I did today) and right as I sheepishly peeked my head around the corner like Jane always does they both said, "Ok, you lose your emoji pillow. You know you're not supposed to come out!"

I rattled off all the excuses Jane always has while doing the fake urgent/sad face with a little smile she does. I told her I didn't want to lose my pillow (that's what she always says) and she said she'd take my bear instead as she took my hand to take me back to "my" room. We joked a bit and then she said she REALLY wanted to stay up like a grown-up and help fold the laundry so I let her and we had one of the best bonding times with her. She was so awesome. She folded the socks and chatted with us and I loved it. Apparently before I came upstairs, her and Brandt had this conversation:

Jane: I tucked mom in bed.
Brandt: Oh, are you going to be a grown-up tonight?
Jane: Yeah!
Brandt: Oh, well let's turn on a show and get all the candy out!
Jane: (looks at Brandt shocked) What?!
Brandt: Isn't that what grown-ups do?
Jane: I don't know, I've never stayed up late before!
Brandt: Well, I'll tell you what grown-ups really do. First we will figure out our health insurance for the year, then we'll clean the kitchen and then we'll fold all the laundry. Which do you want to do first?
Jane: Clean the kitchen, no, fold the laundry.

I love Jane. She drives me crazy sometimes but I think it's just because she's learned bad habits from me (like a short temper) and she's a super space cadet but she's my pal and she's a huge part of me. I look forward to more fun/special moments like tonight... and her actually staying in her room after we say goodnight (insert eye roll emoji).

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