Sunday, May 07, 2017

Jane's Pajama Movie Party!

Today was one of the busiest days of parenting so far. Busy but perfect. Brandt started the day off on a yummy note by making us ebelskivers and then I gave Jane a shower and did her hair so we could knock out her baptism and 8th birthday photos. Just her and I went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and she looked so beautiful in her dress. I can't believe she's almost old enough to be baptized! She was such a sweetheart and held my hand as we walked to and from the temple. Please let her stay this way forever.

We had to stop at home to feed Logan before going to do her birthday photos and then we headed to the park to do those. The trees at the park we went to were huge and a perfect backdrop BUT they were COVERED in tiny green bugs and the grass was covered in cotton-like stuff from those trees and even more bugs. We both tried not to think about it and did the photos super fast. When we got back in the van I thought we were fast enough to not get bugs on us but I felt some crawling on my legs and when I looked, my shoes and legs had a bunch on them. Eek! We jumped out and shook ourselves super hard to get them off. It was a good bonding moment :) We then went to 7-Eleven to find some fidget spinners (they didn't have any) so she picked out some ICEE candy spray stuff. I loved weird candies as a kid so I get excited when my kids have a chance to pick something like that out because I know what it means to them. Jane paid with her own money and we went outside to try it. It was weird... but she loved it.

When we got home we made lunch and Grandma and her friend Heather came over for a visit. It was fun chatting with them on the back deck while we ate our lunch and then Jane and I opened our gifts from them. Jane will probably never know how spoiled she is. Heather gave her the best timed gift of a Trolls pajama dress perfect for her pajama movie night featuring Trolls tonight! Grandma gave her her very first pair of roller skates (and some very appreciated elbow, knee and wrist pads)! We immediately went outside for a test run. Jane didn't really know what to do at first but Brandt was a good teacher and eventually she was doing GREAT! I was so proud of her!

Grandma and Heather took the girls to the park while the boys napped and Brandt and I cleaned, decorated and wait for it... watched a show! It was amazing having such freedom! They came home with some donuts and bread (promised to Boston ha!) and then had to take off. I love living so close to family! We told Jane she had to clean her room before her party and neither of us thought she'd be able to do it. It was super messy. I checked in on her when I went down like 10 minutes later and she was putting the finishing touches setting her doll just so. She looked so proud. I couldn't believe it.

We had an hour before the party so I took her to Target and to get the pizza for her party. Halfway through Target I got frantic texts from Brandt saying kids were showing up. I was confused because I knew I had another half hour. More texts later and I realized I had the wrong time in my head! By the time we got the pizza and got home we were the last ones there! Ha! I was super smooth though and told Brandt to tell the kids they were going to surprise Jane when she got there. They loved it. Man, having 4 kids will ruin a brain.

We had pizza and popcorn while we watched Trolls (with a few dance parties in between), opened gifts and had ice cream sundaes (Jane didn't want cake). Some more playing and then the kids headed home. It was the easiest and probably most fun party I've ever thrown. We do family parties every other year because it's tiring hosting so many parties but if she wanted to do this again next year I'd be up for that.

 Jane was so focused on the movie (she gets so hypnotized by shows) she was the last one to finish her pizza by about 10 minutes.

Everyone else was in the living room watching the show and eating popcorn. This little fella spent the first 15 minutes looking at everyone eating popcorn and then realized he could snatch what they dropped. He also enjoyed putting this balloon in his mouth and bouncing/knee-hopping around. And the biggest Logan event of the evening... He stood up unassisted!!!! He did it for a few seconds like 4 times!! Argh! Logan! Stay my baby... but I'm so proud of you!

More pics from the party:

I haven't even included what Brandt did today (mowed, took care of and played with kids, cleaned, hosted when I wasn't here...). I'm glad I have a husband I can count on. I couldn't do this all myself.

More celebrating Monday, on her actual birthday and I can't wait. Happy early birthday Jane!

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