Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Logan Fox: 11 months

Our little guy is 11 months and quite the mover! He gets around anywhere he wants and doesn't stay put anymore. If I put him in the living room, he immediately starts up the stairs to the kitchen. He's a master at climbing stairs and is juuust starting to be able to slide down on his belly but he's not good enough to be on his own yet so we watch him like a hawk. Just last week he let go of what he was holding and stood there for about 5 seconds. He did it a few times and I was so proud! He cruises along furniture and I know he will LOVE it when he can start walking.

He's still eating baby food but I think he's done with rice cereal since he can eat most of what we eat in the morning. At every meal I give him some of what we are eating. Last night he ate his first chicken nugget. It looked disgusting after he was done with it but he enjoyed what he did eat. Some of his dislikes are bananas or avocados. He pushes out anything I put in his mouth with his tongue so I've learned to hold it until he's pushed it out, analyzed it and decided he's ok with it. He loves yogurt, graham crackers, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and cheerios and is my first baby to actually like milk! He drank 3/4 of a sippy cup of milk at dinner which was good because we dropped the nursing feeding before bed last week and it was good knowing he got enough milk as he cried for an hour. He loves that last feeding (he usually dozes off during it and I just get to keep holding him) but we have to start weening him since we are leaving him for a trip and I think both our hearts were broken. He doesn't suck his thumb or take a pacifier so what does comfort him I want to give him. Sigh. But, after the first rough night I started sitting with him in my lap in his room while I held the sippy for him and he's gone down without a peep! Funny how I feel like I'm doing this for the first time even though he's my fourth.

He had his first haircut this month just to trim the long locks of hair he had behind his ears. He has the blondest hair of all my babies. He got three new teeth this month, one on the bottom and two on the top (one on each side of his front teeth) for a total of 7. He doesn't spit up much anymore! He used to spit up a ton but this month I think he's getting a better handle on his gag reflex. I'm very very happy about this leap. Also, he can sign "more"! I didn't start teaching him around 6 months like I did with the others but because of that he learned super fast. All I did last week and show him the sign for it and he could do it and does it when he wants more.

He's at 2 naps a day now and it feels so much better to be able to go do things instead of being stuck at home plus he stopped liking that third nap so he's happier too.He bear crawls when we are outside because he doesn't like the ground on his knees and it makes us all laugh. Speaking of laughing, he's not easy to impress but last night as we were eating dinner, Boston said something funny and had us all laughing really hard. I looked over at Logan and he was smiling and laughing too. I assumed it was because we were all laughing and it's kind of contagious so on the count of three we all started laughing and after about 30 seconds he KINDA cracked a smile. Ha! Stinker boy. He does love to play and will smile a ton if you get on the floor and roll around with him. But, you have to be careful because he doesn't like playing rough. He doesn't like to be thrown in the air, even a little.

He just started to show shyness this week. He cocks his head to the side and squishes his face into his neck while grinning and showing his big teeth. It's adorable. He's also started showing when he wants someone by leaning over and reaching out to them. Brandt and I took turns holding him and he kept reaching for the one not holding him. Made us laugh. He also really doesn't like when you take something away from him now. We try our best to keep choking hazards off the floor but with 3 other kids it's a lost cause. I frequently find him trying to conceal that he's got something in his mouth and when I scoop it out he gets really mad at me. Sorry for saving your life dude!

Oh and the cutest thing he learned this month... clapping! Here's a video of him clapping for the first time at Costco. I probably looked like a weirdo squealing and celebrating but I was just so proud of him! (Boston's yelling, "I want more sample!" in the background...)

We adore this little boy. His smile makes us smile and he's been an awesome addition to our family. Jane is such a great helper with him and can move him around safely when needed, Wendy is still ALL OVER him and just can't stop herself from touching him and Boston thinks he's gross and doesn't like to touch him (ha!). Daddy loves seeing him when he gets home from work and has to give him a snuggle first thing. Mommy wants him to stay her baby forever.

Can't wait to throw you a big party next month baby boy!

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