Thursday, May 11, 2017

Wendy Mae: Preschool Graduation

My baby girl graduated preschool today! She has LOVED school this year. Loved (even in all caps) is an understatement. She looked forward to every single day she had school, enjoyed doing her homework (even got super fast at it near the end), had great friends there, had an AMAZING teacher, and really owned it. She made it hers and really blossomed this year. I seriously didn't think school was really going to work out with my anxious, super emotional, easily intimidated child. I mean, when we asked her how her first day of school was (the "meet the teacher day" where she screamed and cried, wouldn't look at the teacher and hardly even enter the building) she responded, "It was noooooot awesome." Well, every single day of school after that WAS awesome. I am beyond proud of this girl and what she accomplished this year.

My Wendy and her Wendy: Twins!

Her graduation was the best one I'd ever been too. It was even better than my high school graduation!

Sunshine Square preschool is amazing. So loving, so nurturing, so happy. They really know how to make a group of kids feel like best friends.

Wendy practiced her part multiple times a day and she ROCKED it! "Hi mom, hi dad, hello everybody!"

I was blown away that she said her part instead of cowering into the microphone so when she walked down those steps all by herself toward a huge group of strangers staring at her I couldn't even believe it. Wow. Wendy, I am SO proud of you! "When I grow up I want to be a ballerina teacher."

Wendy and her friend Hallie. Besides asking if Grandma was coming every time I picked her up, she also asked if she could have a play date with Hallie. I finally got her mom's phone number after her begging me to at graduation.

Wenders and Harlen. He is one of the funniest kids I've ever met. Every time I interact with him I almost die laughing. Wendy always groaned in the car when I asked who was going to be special leader next class and it was him. She said he always brought nasty snacks (ha!). Last week I asked her how school was and she said, "Harlen was special leader and his snack WASN'T disgusting!" Bahaha! Yay, Harlen!

Wendy, David (Davey) and Harlen:

At first a boy named Logan was her best friend but I think he was a little too rough for her (he's REALLY boyish) so then she took to Davey and hasn't looked back. They were sweet together and she always had nice things to say about him.

When asked what her favorite part about graduation was, she said, "that Grandma came" every single time.

I'm so glad we live close enough for her to come to all their special occasions (and take care of the kids so I can get good pictures during them)!!

The other star of the show... Mrs. Karen! She is seriously the best! I don't think Wendy would have thrived as much as she did with anyone else!

Friends. Don't they look so cute in their pink dresses and sweet embrace!?

 Today and September. Less squish but same smile (though 4 of those teeth are new).

Wendy Mae, you are awesome. Last night you reminded me about 20 times to wash your "wedding dress" so you could wear it today. You even woke up around 11pm to go potty and told Dad you needed to talk to me so he guided you into my room and you said, "Don't forget to wash my dress for tomorrow." Ha! Your enthusiasm is adorable.

I hope next year is as awesome as this year was for you.

Today you told everyone we saw that you graduated today and everyone thought it was from Kindergarten. You seem so much older than you are, always have. This year you learned your letters, you love to write words and ask us what letters the words need, your drawings are adorable and always have pockets and really big hands, your frowns always go above your noses, and your speech is so great! I love hearing you say new words as well as you do. I love having conversations with you. 

I love you sweet girl! We got a treat after graduation and since mine had way too much chocolate on it I kept giving you chunks of hard chocolate coating from it. You were surprised each time I gave you one and were genuinely thankful. You said, "Wow mom, you're being nice today!" I'm sorry you feel like me being nice is a rare occurrence but I'm glad you felt loved today. Today was your special day and it felt like it. When you were just about done with your donut you held it out to me and asked if I wanted the last bite. That meant so much to me. You're always the first to be sweet and generous and always want people to have what you think they want. Never change that. Happy graduation cutie!

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