Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Baking Mondays

This summer I've been giving the kids a recipe and letting them make it almost all on their own. I help if they can't do a part on their own or if they do something wrong then I'll step in, teach them how to do it right and let them try it again. It's been fun. The first week they made Puppy Chow and the next week they made chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches.

First time (wo)manning the stove!

Getting her aggression out on some Butterfinger candy bars. They were PULVERIZED!

Mix, mix, mix!

And the best part...

Enjoying the yumminess!

When we made cookies Boston got to help.

And Jane did a great job entertaining Logan while I helped Wendy do her parts.

Measuring very carefully. 10 for the cup, 5 for me.

I didn't think Jane would do a great job at scooping the dough but she nailed it.

Wendy and Boston did great too!

Gloved up and ready to bake.

Ice cream sandwiches!

They love being in charge and it's so fun watching them learn. Can't wait for more baking Mondays!

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