Sunday, June 04, 2017

Boston Knight: 3 years!

Bossy Boy is THREE! I look back at pictures of him as a baby and I can't believe he's not that same little tike. I feel like those moments were yesterday which has me feeling good because I have been enjoying every moment of this kid. I have no regrets with him so far. He has brought so much fun, laughter and unbelievable cuteness to our home.

He doesn't really have favorite foods. I think he likes something and then he says, "Ew no fank you. Me no wike dat." However, I THINK pickles, oranges (ooges) and hot dogs (he'd eat 4 if we let him), yogurt (woget) and sour cream and onion chips are up there. Oh, he does love pizza. That's probably a solid favorite. He said when he grows up he wants to be pizza and he'll eat half a large Papa Johns pizza. He doesn't really like baked goods like cookies or cakes and REALLY doesn't like milk or whipped cream. He's always asking for "piece candy" and cocks his head to the side with a huge grin when he says it. It's really hard not to give him one every time he asks. 

He is talking so much! It makes me laugh just hearing his cute little voice saying such big things. At his two year visit the doctor recommended speech therapy because he wasn't talking but I had a feeling he'd get there and he totally has the last 4 months or so.

Boston is the most polite kid I have ever met. He is always saying, "Oh fank you!" or "No fank you." or "You wecome!" It surprises me sometimes because he uses his manners even when I don't think one would need to. A year ago I decided I wanted a little recognition for changing diapers. I would stand Boss up when we were all done and ask him to say "thank you mom" and give me a hug. It was mainly just to get a little love but it has sure stuck and I love it. I don't think it's what made him so polite, I think that's just who he is. He's pretty awesome.

When he was little he was diagnosed with having slight anemia. They said it would just make him a  little more tired than most kids and he sure was. He took more naps than my other kids and slept longer. He also loved sleep and never fought it. We had him tested when he turned two and he was no longer anemic (which they said would probably happen) but he's still a very tired boy. He lets us know half the time when he wants to take a nap by saying, "Me ready seep." Once I just told him to go in his room and I'd be there in a minute and when I walked to his doorway I saw he'd already gotten his blanket, turned on his sound machine, just turned off his light and was climbing into bed about to slide into his covers. He was totally putting himself to sleep! I always sing him Twinkle Twinkle while I rub his hair and when I leave I say, "Sleep well Bossy." He always turns over and says, "Good night." At nighttime his favorite songs are One Two Buckle My Shoe and The Wheels On The Bus. 

He LOVES Jane. The other day she came home while he was napping and I forgot to tell him she was home from school when I got him up so when he found her downstairs he said, "Oh, Jane! You home!" He is at her side every moment of the day. She is so sweet to him and I love watching them together. It'll be fun to see how they interact as they get older. He doesn't really like Logan only because Logan is loud (Boss usually either responds to Logan's crying by covering his ears or by genuinely crying too) and because Logan drools/spits/makes things wet and Boss really doesn't like gross things. Once I tried to give him Logan's blanket to sleep with (they look the same) because I couldn't find Boss's and when he put it next to his face as he started sucking his thumb, it took about 2 seconds before Boss held it out to me and said, "Eww! Baby! Me no want dis!" Haha! He could smell Logan on it. And Wendy? Hmm. I hate to say it but they fight a lot. I hope they get along better when they get a little older but for now I think it's just that Wendy can sense that he has a special bond with Jane and stays distant from him and is a little jealous. I feel sad for her. Silver lining... she has Logan :)

He loves his balance bike and scooter he got for Christmas. He's really good at both though I get so terrified when he goes fast. He was too small for the balance bike just a few months ago but can now ride it, well, like a boss :) He also likes me to do his hair if I do the girl's hair (because they get to play my phone while I do it) and gets bummed when I'm done after 2 seconds. Ha! Poor boy.

Boston is our clutz. He can't run without falling at least once. His knees only get a break in the winter when he's wearing pants. I always remind him to be careful when he starts to run off but inevitably he'll fall. He got tubes 2 years ago and one has fallen out (I got to see the other one today at his 3 year visit) and they worked! He only got one ear infection since. We tried potty training in April but I quit after 2 days. Not because he was doing horribly but because I couldn't handle it with being in a rental with carpet, having three other kids, and the anxiety. The last two days he's decided he's ready! He's done so good with no accidents! I decided to let him wear pull-ups so I don't have to clean up messes or have anxiety over accidents or having to remember to take him all the time and it's seemed to work for him. I just take him a few times a day and before and after his nap. Fingers crossed!

I am thankful every day that this boy came to our family. He's a dream. He makes life fun and happy. Even when he's grumpy or mad, I have to laugh half of the time because he's so cute when he's grumpy or mad. I probably baby him too much and spoil him even more and it's probably going to get me in trouble but I can't help it. 

I love you Bossy!

3 year stats:
Weight: 33 lbs (75th %)
Height: 39 inches (80th %)

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