Friday, June 23, 2017

Field Trip Friday: Mrs. Cavanaugh's

This week for field trip Friday we went to Salt Lake to tour Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolate Factory. I'm always up for a good factory tour and this place did not disappoint. We got samples, the kids learned a lot from a movie on cacao plants and then got more samples. I was nervous doing it on my own but I kept Logan in the stroller and the older three kids did so great. It was a win of a field trip.

Watching a worker mix chocolate and nuts and put them into cups:

Looking out into the whole work area:

They asked me if he wanted a sample. Um, yes... I paid for him to be on the tour AND who would say no? Especially not an eager 1 year old who just sat through a very boring (to him) 10 minute movie:

I expected his full size chocolate to bring on a full size mess but what you see if about as bad as it got! He is a very smart baby so I have no doubt it was because he wanted the chocolate in his mouth and not on his mouth:

This picture cracks me up. I'm such a mom. Just holding my breath from 7am-7pm that I can make it through and keep these kids alive. I hope my kids have fun this summer and that it's a memorable one for them:

I'm grateful for each one of these (crazy) kiddos:

Obligatory "stick your face in a whole" pictures (Jane's idea):

Hi Wendy!

Cheeser Boston:

Jane held him up so I could get a picture of him. He wasn't a fan... ha!

I let all the kids pick a treat at the end because things were very reasonably priced which shocked me. Jane and Boss chose and giant gummy rat (insert vomit emoji here), Wendy chose giant Smarties and Logan is holding a big bag of caramel corn that a kind lady wanted to buy for my kids:

I let them eat their candy on the way home (minus Logan) and this is how it went down: Jane started crying that she didn't want to eat her rat because it was her pet so she traded it to Wendy for some of her Smarties who then ate some of it, decided it was disgusting and threw it away when we got home. Boston took one nibble off his rat's nose, said, "Ew, me no wike dis." and handed it to me. I put it on the counter when we got home and Wendy eventually came to me telling me she threw it away because it was disgusting just sitting there on the counter. I'm so glad I spent $4 on those gross rats!

It was a super fun trip though and I'm excited for more field trips this summer!

And as far as the rest of the day? We ran a few errands after naps and one of the places was Target. Boston HATES stickers. He gets really grouchy when people offer them to him. I always wait to see how he'll respond before saying, "Sorry, he has a phobia of stickers." This time he said he didn't want one but the lady gave him two on a piece of paper for him to give to Jane who had run off. Surprisingly he took them! As I waited for Jane to pick out a different color binder than the one she paid for I saw Boston look at the stickers, peal one off (!!!) and then put it on his shirt!!!!! This was HUGE! I told the girls and they both gasped and we cheered for him. After a picture of the monumentous occasion I noticed his sticker was gone. I asked him where it went and as he pointed to it on the wall he said, "Ew. Me no wike sticker." Ha! Well, I'm glad I have it down in history that for once in his life he was happy about a sticker and not screaming his head off that we stuck just one on him!

Later the night Brandt surprised us with pizza for dinner since it was leftover from a big team meeting at his work. It was a nice surprise, especially because I didn't want to have to make dinner and the kids had been asking for pizza! After dinner Brandt asked Wendy to wipe off the table:

After finishing the dishes I was washing I looked over to find her cleaning the table like this. Well done Wendy. Good job getting that table suuuuuuuper clean... ha!

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