Friday, June 16, 2017

Field Trip Friday: Splash Pad

A new splash pad opened in Bluffdale so we put our swimsuits on, packed a lunch, sunscreened up and headed over! Man, doing all that for 4 kids and then baths after is so much work but worth it. Thank goodness Grandma wanted to join us cause she was a life savor.

Logan was really excited to explore when we first got there.

He kept crawling over to the water spouts that weren't shooting water at the moment and sticking his face right next to them. I just held my breath waiting for him to get shot in the face by a harsh jet of water but he was beyond lucky and never did!

 After a while he was over it (the water was freezing and his poor foot had started bleeding from where I pulled out 16 splinters the evening before) so he just sat on me in the shade eating food.

Wendy and Boss were explorer pals and stuck together the whole time.

Jane of course, made a new friend and played with her the whole time.

What a fun outing!

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