Saturday, June 10, 2017

Logan Fox: 1 year!

What. A. Year. 

We started off the year in Chicago and when he was two weeks old we drove across the country to Utah, flew back to Chicago to pack where we spent that week packing with just Logan and eating way too much food, drove with him back to Utah (so much traveling in his first month!) and then made our home in West Jordan, Utah!

Logan is probably my smartest baby. He blows us away with the things he does and seems to understand. He says dada, momma, uh-oh, thank you and go. He loves sliding down the stairs on his tummy, throwing balls, his grandma, milk (!), most food and frozen yogurt, splashing in water, chewing erasers off pencils, sticking his hands in toilets and smiling. He doesn't like bananas, playing rough or being tossed even slightly in the air, diaper changes, or being left alone in a room.

He can stand on his own and has taken one step a few times but still has a bit before he's a walker. I weaned him a week before his birthday so we could leave him with his grandparents while we went to Disneyland and he loves cow's milk! Wendy didn't love it and Boston hated it so it's such a relief having him like it. It has to be warm and in a bottle in the morning and a sippy cup the rest of the day but he downs it! I love holding him while he drinks it and am super happy to still get snuggle time with him. I also love seeing him hold it on his own. My other kids didn't hold their own sippy cup until waaaaay later.

He's still on two naps a day, always finding the edge of his blanket and holding onto it, scrunching into the corner of his crib and sleeping on his tummy. I love getting him from his crib when he's standing at the end waiting for me. He gives me big smiles when I walk in. He also just learned how to give big kisses! He opens his mouth super big and sticks his tongue out like he's about to take the BIGGEST lick of an ice cream cone and then leans in for the slobberiest kiss ever. I. Love. It. Makes me laugh so hard every time.

He's got 7 teeth which make for the cutest grin. He has the bluest eyes, blondest hair and though he's 12 months old he's way out of 12 month clothes. His nicknames are Logey Bogey, Loges, Bubs, Chunkers, and now Bubbles after poring a huge bottle of bubbles all over himself. Also, Logan Fox gets thrown out there when he makes a big mess.

His stats-
Weight: 23 lbs (75th %)
Height: 30.3 inches (75th %)
Head: 47 cm (75th %)

Ah, we just love you to pieces Logan! It's hard splitting my love and attention with 5 people but I love the moments I have with just you. I love laying on the floor with you as you crawl away and then come back to lay your head on me giving a snuggle sound, rinse and repeat a million times. You are so funny and already make jokes. We are so glad you're in our family. You came after a really hard/dark time and make us forget that time because you have such a bright personality. I'm excited to see you grow and watch you as you figure things out. I love you Logey Bogey!

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