Monday, July 10, 2017

First Trip to Willow Park

There's a little camp ground near our house called Willow Park. It's just down the street really and we found it just on a bike ride the other day. As we were leaving for our bike ride to explore our neighborhood we saw two of the neighbor boys down the street and got them to join us (Tyler and Tatum who are really awesome kids). There's a little body of water there (we all call it something different) so we walked along it getting super filthy but having a blast.

Interesting story about these eggs: They were on the ground next to the water and Tyler barely caught himself before stepping on them and showed them to us. I assumed they were duck eggs because there were ducks around but really had no idea. We thought we saw them wiggle a tiny bit but I was sure my eyes were deceiving me. We came back two days later to check on them and I couldn't find them. I couldn't really remember where along the shore they were and they blended in so well. After looking for ages I found two little baby birds or ducks (I wasn't sure at that point) that looked extremely brand new. They were all alone (or so I thought) and looked dead. I tried helping one of them with a stick by moving something that looked like it was caught under and it moved enough for me to know it was alive and then I noticed the other one was breathing but barely. Finally I realized that the squawking I kept hearing was a bird behind us that seemed very angry we were by her babies. We quickly left but I felt so bad for those babies because they looked like they were in such bad shape. We came back about a week later to check if the other egg ever hatched and again, after looking for ages we finally found the third egg but it was fairly beaten up and looked like it never turned into an actual bird because it looked like the inside of a regular egg you buy at the store. The babies were gone but I did hear what sounded like the mom bird from the other day across the water. Anyway, it was an interesting sequence to be a part of and the kids enjoyed talking about each stage. We are so lucky to have so much to explore here!

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