Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Jane and Mom Go To Lagoon

I grew up going to Six Flags every summer and loved it. There's a place here called Lagoon that's similar and I've been wanting to go but was waiting for the right time (not pregnant, didn't have a nursing baby, didn't have to bring kids who can't ride the rides...). Well, when we closed on our house, our realtor gave us 4 tickets to Lagoon! We decided that I'd take Jane once and then Brandt would take Jane another time since Wendy doesn't like roller coasters and the boys are too young.

Jane had been looking forward to going for a few weeks. She would talk about it non-stop since she went around her birthday with some friends. She would have me make lists of what the rides were and what rides we should do in what order. I mean, non-stop. Finally the day came.

We got there when it opened and left around 8pm so it was a super full day. By 5pm I was exhausted and ready to leave but we still had so many rides left to ride. We stopped at Chick-fil-a on the way home (it's about an hour away) and Jane still had enough energy to play in the play area there. I couldn't believe it but her energy level was diminishing by the minute. She got to bed at 10pm that night. I went to bed right after saying good night to her.

Here are some pictures from our day:

Right when we got there Jane found a girl in line and decided they needed to be best friends. The girl, Clover (10), was there with her dad (single father) and we spent the first half of the day with them because the girls were inseparable. They were really nice and while there were some awkward moments (like me having to tell Jane multiple times that I wanted to ride with her in the two-seaters instead of her riding with Clover and me riding with her dad) we had a good time. We decided we'd break off to have lunch because we both wanted to spend time with our daughters so when lunch came Jane and I headed back to our car to eat.

We packed our lunches, well, I should say that Jane packed our lunches. I was running around trying to get everything ready to we could leave so I put her in charge of that task without any guidance. When she handed me my bag I ALMOST let it be a surprise but in the end I decided to peek in just in case. Boy was I glad I did! Feta and a granola bar! I laughed and she shrugged and said, "I didn't know what to put in there!" I should mention that the girls love feta and often eat it plain. In fact just the day before, they packed snacks to go to the park and they packed this same container of feta along with BBQ chips and fruit strips. Anyway, I swapped both items out in favor of a salad-to-go thingy.

The craziest yet most fun ride we went on was The Cannibal. It's insane. It's so unnatural that it took 20 minutes for my legs to remember what they were for once we got off the ride. 

But it's so fun that we rode it three times!

I was worried that the lines would be crazy with it being summer and a Saturday but it was totally manageable. I think it helped that we just went to Disneyland so it was a breeze compared to those lines (3 hours for Guardians of the Galaxy).

 Jane LOVED it. She was such a trooper. She walked so so much for being a little person and it was incredibly hot but she never complained.

On the way out to the car for lunch she said we should get an ICEE and I agreed. It was needed. We got a refillable cup and drank the first one before we even got to the car (and we parked really close). Throughout the day, anytime she started to get tired or hot she would tell me she needed more ICEE power (I did too) so we got two refills.

One of the things I loved about our trip was that Jane may be big enough for all the crazy rides and big enough to enjoy them but she's still little enough that she wanted to hold my hand the whole day. I know my days are coming to an end where she naturally desires to hold my hand so I savored every moment.

We walked past a theater that had just started a show (and unlike Disneyland, there were still tons of seats and we didn't have to wait in line for an hour before the show to get one) so we stopped and watched it. It was really terrible but the actors put forth SO much energy and effort singing and dancing for 20 minutes non-stop and Jane thought it was amazing so I'd say it was enjoyable. At the end they found the treasure chest and brought just a few necklaces (the treasure) into the audience to give out. Jane totally got one and didn't take it off the rest of the day.

We went on a ride she'd been excited about call The Spider. She didn't ride it when she came with friends but saw it so she couldn't wait. After it was over I asked her what she thought and she said, "It was HORRID!" I asked her if she wanted to go on it again and she said, "Yeah, a little later but probably never in my life." Ha!

This was Jane about 5pm. I looked the same but I deleted my picture :) Nothing a little ICEE power can't fix.

One of the reasons I let us stay with Clover and her dad was that I knew Jane would make an instant friend with the next girl in line so I figured we'd limit the amount of people we have to hang out with. I was right. Once we broke off she made forever friends with 3 13-year-old girls, 3 20-year-old girls, a family of 4 and then a set of triplet girls who were 3-years-old (who she went on quite a few rides with). She loves people and people love her.

This picture was taken by one of the teenagers mentioned above. They were so good to her and put up with her craziness.

This water ride soaked us but it sure was refreshing!

 The other thing I loved about Jane this trip was that she is big enough to enjoy the big rides but she's still small enough to also enjoy the little rides. I really will be sad when she gets older and knowing I'm on the verge of that destroys me but seeing her have a blast on the kiddie rides made me happy.

So happy to have gotten the cheetah car (she's obsessed with cheetahs, knows every fact about them and is actually part cheetah if you ask her).

Here she is with one of the triplets and is getting soaked.

I'm so happy I got to do this with her. I think we should do something big like this annually for sure and I'm so grateful for Brandt for taking care of the three other kiddos all day so we could. He even got them to bed AT 7pm all on his own. Brandt's amazing. Glad I got to make some great memories with my first baby!

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Day out with MOM. That is great. I always loved my night out with DAD.