Tuesday, July 04, 2017

July 4th 2017

4th of July weekend this year was SUPER busy because that's the weekend we did our big move from our West Jordan rental to our very first and hopefully only home! We weren't planning on completely moving that weekend because we still had a month on our lease but we made so much progress with two trailers and Grandma and Grandpa (couldn't have done it without them) that we decided to do it all! We got about 90% done Saturday and Monday so it was all fun and games on the 4th!

Heading down to the parade:

We missed the pre-parade getting organized enough to leave the house. I need to stop missing the pre-parade... it's the best part.


She got a Y decal!

Grandma is always good for bananas and Wendy's always good for smiles.

Haha! I love this picture.

My munchkins:

They are fun.

I have no idea what they're looking at but it must have been someth'n!

Crazy Bossy Boy and Totally Over Mom Taking Pictures Jane:

Boss loves him some police cars:

More cousins!

Cousins are the best!

Logan wasn't a fan of the loud cannon, riffles shooting blanks or sirens:

Aaaand-- more cousins!

Just enjoying the sun:

With my little hun:

Shoeless Joe finally enjoying the parade:

He was missing a nap so he was a tad cranky and tired:

But we got a couple smiles out of the chunk. Oh and that football? It eventually became a chew toy. What is with this kid and taking bites out of every ball he gets his hands on!?

We love the 4th of July parade.

And all the folks who come watch with us. These are all Roy and Ann's grandkids in one spot!

After we put the boys down for a nap we took the girls out for shaved ice.

I'm glad they love it as much as me.

Isn't this girl a beauty??

For dinner the Saturday before, we headed to Brody and Jenni's for some of Brody's famous wood fire pizza and ice cream!

Some of us REALLY enjoyed the ice cream. Oh, Ezra. You're the best.

Sparkler time!

Hey Logie Bogie!

Happy 4th!

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